Farewell Brunch Ride

Hey there roadies,

It’s time for planning the annual brunch ride and this year it will also be my farewell ride. We’ve bought a house in Winnipeg and will be moving between June 15 and July 1. So, I’d like to propose that we brunch at my place on Saturday, June 8th after the ride. The present schedule is for the ride to be New Bothwell at 8:00 AM. I think we could just stick with that and plan to arrive back at my place by 10:00 AM. If you can’t make the ride, come for the brunch anyways. Just send me an e-mail or something. Partners, riding or not, also invited. You know the routine. Please post your yeas and nays below!

Headwaters 100, 2009 040

7 thoughts on “Farewell Brunch Ride

  1. Heh Ron,

    You can’t just ride away from from the Mennos. We haven’t excommunicated you yet and so your still one of ours. Next thing you will be telling us your riding with FOG? O.K., that really would be cause for excommunication. If it requires riding Birds Hill Park-Cook’s Creek from time to time to keep you in the Pelofold we’ll do it. And as far as Nadler’s moving away to Salmon Arm (what is that anyway, a Salmon Arm?) that move has to be considered an invite for the Mennos to broaden out their riding horizons and have a guided tour of Beautiful B.C. Let’s not have any more talk about Farewell Tours. Too depressing. Count me in for brunch in Steinbach at Ron’s this year as well as at Ron’s next year in Winnipeg.


  2. Food? Oh yea we’ll be there.
    With Nadler moving to BC and Ron to Wpg two great opportunities do some outreach. MIT affiliates across western Canada uniting the common need of a combining a good breakfast, great fellowship and awesomeness of riding a bike.

  3. Yes, love those ideas! We could do a Winnipeg parkways tour sometime (Bishop Grandin, Assiniboine, etc,).

  4. I will be attending Farewell Brunch Ride. As for myself moving to B.C., I can’t predict exactly when it will happen. When your assets are not very “liquid”, it takes a long time to cash-in and re-locate. So I’ll probably be doing a lot of riding with you guys this season.

  5. Jim,

    We could sabotage your move to the Salmon if you like. I have thought of some creative ways to discourage would be buyers of your condo. How about …. a bunch of Mennos in tight speedos holding a rowdy departure barbecue for Ron at Rob’s condo whenever a prospective customer comes to check out the place. Or is this something that already happens in that part of Steinbach?

  6. Merle, I’m trying to get that picture out of my head——-all you guys in tight speedos. Reminds me of the Germans we met on the beach in Dominican Republic several years ago. I’m still suffering from PTSD.

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