Does Tire Pressure Matter?


When I started on my rollers in December I could maintain an average of around 30km/h fairly well, but as time passed it seemed to get harder and harder. Was my fitness slipping that badly? Was my age beginning to show? Am I that unmotivated? I could hardly keep my average at 26 – 27km/h! I could barely force myself to ride!

So this morning, before my torturous ride on the rollers I decided to check my tire pressure. 40psi!!!! After pumping it up, I hopped castillos hinchables on and veritably flew along at well over 30km/h!

What a dimwit!

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He started out riding trails on his CT 26" mountain bike eventually moving to a real mountain bike and added road riding to his menu over the last few years. He would like to scale the barricades put before him at times, but hasn't always succeeded!

6 thoughts on “Does Tire Pressure Matter?

  1. Chuckle…it always surprises me how much the tires on my road bike leak. Before I was into road bikes I probably pumped up the tires on my MTB about three times a year. Now I never get my road bike without inflating the tires first, even if I road the night before, because I know they will have deflated by at least 15lb to 20lbs over night. It’s been that way with whatever road bike tires I’ve used. I’ve never checked after a century ride, but I am curious how much my tires actually deflate over a 5 or 6 hour ride.

  2. I’ve always been pretty casual about tire pressure on all my bikes, Ron. It didn’t seem to matter up or down a few pounds, but this experience sure has made me realize the importance of pressure when on the rollers. I feel like such a dummy!
    RoadBikeRider has recommended running lower tire pressure for quite a while, but that’s out on the road and definitely not 40psi! They recommend running 90psi front and 100-105psi rear.
    Hey, have you been out skiing lately? Sandilands Green/Purple has been groomed recently, even though there’s no snow.

  3. Hi Ron, Shorty,
    I went skiing on the green trail (with the extra loop) both today and yesterday (jan 16 and 17) and found the conditions remarkably good. There is the occasional bit of dirt showing through on the trail but that is quite rare. I used wax good for about 0 degrees and had good grip and fairly decent glide (although not great glide). One warning though: Not far from the warmup hut across from the park (where we stop when cycling), there is ice and water over about 10 metres of trail after a short downhill . I had to take my skis off and walk through ankle deep water today, and wiped out yesterday with skis on very slippery ice. Hopefully we’ll get a good dump of snow before too long.

  4. When I rode tubular tires, I relied on “thumb” pressure – they are much more tolerant of lower pressure. When I switched to clinchers, I was plagues with snake-bite flats (Winnipeg roads didn’t help either). Now, I always use a pressure gauge. It’s surprising how a tire may feel like it has enough air pressure when it doesn’t. Well, I finally dusted off and waxed up my old XC skis. Terrible outing. I don’t think I’ll try again until I get new equipment. Not much snow, but at least the temperatures are tolerable. Have fun!

  5. Went out on green last weekend and it was great. Sandilands is such a local treasure – every time I go I think about how lucky I am to live so close by. Didn’t get out this weekend because we’re renovating – even had to put the bikes back in the garage and all the furniture is in piles under bed sheets. I just look at it all and think, “man, these renovations represent one heck of a good cycling trip deferred for another 10 years”.
    When are we doing a group night ski followed by beers and burgers at Woodridge?

  6. Hey, Ron, that’s sounds like an awesome idea! Would a weeknight work for you next week?
    Helmut and I went out yesterday and did the Green with an extra loop around the Purple, but snowmobiles and ATV’s have been on the trail since it was groomed on Saturday! Bastards!
    BTW – I’m doing renovations, too, if it’s true that misery loves company, I commiserate with you!

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