dead in the water

There is more activity on my 98 year old Grandma’s PCH bedroom bulletin board than on this website…stat’s for the last month:

100 visits, 83 return visits, 17 new visits

Region (by City) of visitors

Winnipeg 87

Vina Del Mar 5

Steinbach 3

Moscow 2

Fargo 1

Milton 1

Valparaiso 1

Anyways, I’ve got a research paper to write and should not be frittering on this website.  Next time you “lurk” here, consider making a contribution and spicing things up a bit.  Those 87 return visitors are no doubt fed up with my lame commentary.

1 thought on “dead in the water

  1. I’m a bit worried about those two Moscow visits to this website. I think we should be very careful in future not to talk about things that affect national security, like for example Jac being deputy mayor of Steinbach or Curt , Glen, and Val’s secret biological warfare experiments at the University of Manitoba or Pete’s experiments with weaponizing recumbent bicycles, or Royden’s research into Russian history, or Merle’s mysterious trips to Europe or Werner’s work with rocketry for the Canadian Armed Forces, etc.. There’s an old WWII expression—-“Loose lips sink ships”………..

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