11 thoughts on “cycling trivia III (m-i-t trivia)

  1. 5 of 10
    so who’s the skinny that runs 145 psi
    Val, Curt both bought new bikes
    one ride…ONE RIDE Ron brings a camera and we are supposed to know that
    yea Merle has the different rides, but bling Hans hands down
    two sacks, yea right, I’ll give you two sacks

  2. Ha! At the end of the quiz all the questions get listed with the right answers and an “explanation”…Jac, why don’t you sign up to the quiz website and give us a founders quiz to challenge us?

  3. I must be missing something . . . (I know, I know! besides that!) There’s no quiz there when you click on your link, Ron. Whassup?

    Try again Neil, it seems the link got broken somehow. – RJ

  4. 7 OUT OF 10. Pure FUN RJ. Shorty, go to the website and type MIT in the search area. … it’ll pop up. I did get a new ride for 2008 altho it was my TT/Du bike (actually probably put as much or more mileage on that bike as compared to the weekender). Looking forward to the upcoming breakfasts.

  5. Trickery, trickery. I flunked. Noteworthy, though that RJ and I both got fixies in the past year. Define “Road Bike”… Well done. It brings back many fond memories.

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