9 thoughts on “cycling trivia challenge

  1. Two out of ten…20 points! All I really knew was one question, the nationality of Vinokourov…Kazakhstan forever (If I hadn’t word associated that with “Borat” I would have scored a fat zilch!).

  2. I did the math on this quiz. Since this was a multiple choice quiz of 10 questions, 4 choices each, if you guys were purely guessing, your probabilities of getting 3 correct would be 25% (25 times out of 100 tries), of getting 4 correct would be 14.6%, of getting 5 correct would be 5.8%, of getting 6 correct would be 1.6% and so it goes.

    Just in case Werner is reading this, I used the binomial distribution formula. That is: On one question, P(success) = .25 P(failure) = .75, so for example the probability of getting 5 correct would be
    10C5*(.25)^5*(.75)^5 = 5.8%

  3. Ah, but what is the present value of the future stream of probabilities discounted by the prevailing economic fundamentals amortized over remaining useful life of a fat lazy accountant who can barely manage 20 minutes every other day on his roller, huh, Jim, huh?

  4. Yes gents, it’s me, with a grand total of 3 correct guesses.
    Clearly I tried to follow Jim’s formula for success, I think I’ll just stick to watching Rambo movies!!
    Happy New year!!

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