Corn & Apple Ride?

Hi Roadies,

 I’m planning to ride to Morden this weekend for the Corn & Apple Festival.  I’m going either Saturday or Sunday morning and Noreen (my wife) is going to meet me there in the afternoon with the car (one way ride).  My parents live in Morden now (since July) and we can use their place to shower, load bikes, etc.  The ride is 151 km’s according to Google Maps.  Both days have a line up of activity and you can view it at the following link: .  Anyone want to join me for the ride and the festivities?  If you don’t have a partner coming out to meet you, Noreen and I could take two more riders home with us in the evening.

I rode to Winkler a few weeks back and it took me about 5 1/2 hours at a moderate 28/29 kmph pace.  I stopped for breakfast in Morris and rode highway 23 most of the way.

Anyone up for it?  At this point I don’t have a strong preference for Saturday or Sunday, with the exception that I generally like to get home earlier on Sunday evenings so that I get a good nights sleep before the work week.

3 thoughts on “Corn & Apple Ride?

  1. One option could be for the group ride on Saturday to head out to Morris and back and travel that part of the way with Ron to Morden. Could have breakfast in Morris as well. Head out down the 23 and back through St. Agathe. KM may be similiar to Woodridge. Thoughts?

  2. Like that idea r-man. Depending on wind it could be a great ride. Google maps says through St Agathe it is 68 km’s, thru St Pierre it is 72 km’s. Either way it is a good long ride.
    It does take away from our Sept long ride, but we might have to do that ride 2 weeks in a row.
    Yup…might work.

  3. Hi Guys,

    I’ve decided to ride out to Morden on Saturday. I’ll just come to the usual meeting point at the Tower at 7 AM. If you guys decide to ride with me till Morris or where ever, great, if not, also no problem.

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