Cordon Bleu

This Saturday’s ride was another first for MIT. Surprisingly, after 7 years, we can still occasionally come up with something for a ride that we’ve not done yet. After a quick huddle at the water tower it was decided that St Pierre was not the preferred route for the morning. However, francophone appetites still seemed to call and so we opted for the Cordon Bleu in Ste Anne, rather than Le Routier in St Pierre. Riders included Jim, Merle, Rob S., Rob L., and Ron. While no one opted to join the weekly cribbage game in full swing, we did enjoy the hearty fare served up by one of Manitoba’s foremost ringette players. On the way back RJ offered a guided tour of South Eastman Health building projects in Ste Anne (operating room expansion) and Steinbach (crisis stabilization unit). Rob L. explained the surprising Scottish-Irish heritage of Giroux and encouraged us to stop and read the historical plaque by the railway crossing (which we did not). A fine fall ride.

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  1. After I left you fellows and headed down #52 toward Kleefeld, I was one of the first on the scene of a horrible vehicle accident at the junction of #206 (the Landmark road) and #52. At least two injured, possibly 3 cars involved, and the intersection was covered with debris from the collision(s). It seemed forever before responding firefighters and ambulances started to show up.

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