Congratulations RJ and Family.

As many of you know, RJ’s son Luke, as a member of the band , “Enjoy Your Pumas”, was a warm-up act for the Bon Jovi concert in Regina on Wednesday. This morning, The lead singer, Rosie Blais, and Luke were interviewed about the experience on CBC radio. They were both in high spirits and said they had enjoyed themselves immensely. Their music is really very good—-you can listen to some of it on You Tube.

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  1. Thanks Jim! We just got back from the concert in Regina. Luke called it “the best day of his life”, so, I guess we’d have to say it was a huge success. I’d say the stadium was about 40% capacity when they played, which might have been about 15,000 people. We had a pretty strong cheering section from Manitoba.
    Bon Jovi was great and I was really surprised how all the twenty-something youths around me could belt out the lyrics and sing along. I hadn’t been to a “rock” concert since April Wine in 1977, so it was a hoot for me too (geez that’s a long time ago). I don’t think I’ll be buying any Kid Rock tunes (kind of embarrassing even to have my kid on the same stage – but maybe I’m just an old prude) but I think I’ll be adding some classic Bon Jovi to my iPod. And be sure to watch for the new Enjoy Your Pumas album coming out this fall!
    Tomorrow I’m off to CANDISC for 8 days of cycling bliss. The fun just never stops!

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