Congrats Pete McAdam and Paul Krahn

Hi from balmy B.C.. I’ll say no more about the weather because I don’t want any hate mail.
I was following the Actif Epica 120 km winter bike race today (Rita’s really thankful I’m not in it this year), and am really impressed with two local guys, Pete and Paul. In today’s frightful conditions they are doing fabulously well, up in the top ten or so. By the way, a couple of weeks ago, Pete completed the famous “Arrowhead 135” in Minnesota which is a 220 km winter bike race over back country snowmobile trails. He finished 10th in a strong international field of over 60 cyclists, only 30 of which were able to complete the race. Well done guys !!!!!

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5 thoughts on “Congrats Pete McAdam and Paul Krahn

  1. Thanks Jim! It was hard hard work, mentally and physically! But I might be up for it again next year, with a few gear changes.

  2. Hi Jim,

    Give us an update on winter cycling and X-country in Salmon Arm. What does the “Hard Man” from Brandon do to keep an edge in laid back lounging lotus land. I noticed you had let your membership in Bike Journal lapse. Have you gone into full retirement?

    Cheers to you old man,


  3. Hi Merle,

    The cross country skiing is so good here at Larch Hills (just 20 kms away), that I do it 5 to 6 times a week. So the bikes are in hibernation until the snow melts. I will start entering the rides in Bike Journal then.
    Salmon Arm has a population of only about 17000 but there are almost 1000 skiers in the Larch Hills Nordic club. Some days there are about 500 cars in the parking lot at Larch Hills, yet once you ski a couple of kms out on one of their many trails, you see very few skiers—-that’s how extensive the trail system is. I even went in a 17 km loppet on Jan 18. In all the categories, over 450 skiers raced.
    I’m glad to see that your weather has warmed up a bit . That Actif Epica event was brutal.

  4. Hey Jim
    You missed a great ride.
    It was a bit harder then last year, a bit more snow and a lot more pushing.
    Enjoy you wimpy winter.

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