Canadian Kilometer Achievement Program (CKAP)

Hi Roadies,

My apologies if anyone has previously posted anything about this, it’s new to me and I thought it might be of general interest.  I stumbled upon it browsing around on the web the other night.  This program was started during the 1976 Olympics and has kept going ever since.  If you’re into logging your cycling km’s and like to challenge yourself with goals, this might be for you.  For a lifetime membership fee of $30 you can participate in an achievement program based on annual and lifetime km’s logged.  Those of us over 50 years of age can get credit for two prior years of riding (I guess they take pity on us poor saps who’s clocks are running out).  Read all about it at the above link to the website.  Check out that stats of this guy from the “totals” link on the website (even Jimmy-legs might be challenged by this fellow):

Henry Berkenbos
CKAP# 1133 from 2001-2009,
264,463 km
(29,385 km/year)
(with 32,028 km done in 2009)
Richmond, BC