Noreen says I could either get a new barbie or new cycling shoes.  Silly Noreen, everyone knows you can’t ride a BBQ.  Although, I hear Neil tried it – once.

5 thoughts on “Choices

  1. I did not! It was a real Barbie!
    Nice new shoes, by the way. They almost seem to glow!

  2. Always helps to use the flash to get those reflective colors glowing. Guess it will be fried burgers forthe next year. Next year maybe the decision will be barbie or inside the downtube battery operated speed assist for those final sprints to victory. No question what would win. “Noreen, fried burgers for 1 more year!”

  3. When you said choice between a barbie and shoes…I was a bit confused and wondered if you had reverted back to childhood and were confessing your desire to have played with dolls when young…I was relieved to read further and see it was just me being confused!!!! 🙂
    Me and state of confusion are not uncommon.

  4. The one time that I did play with Barbie dolls was to stag a mass murder in sister’s doll house that included barbies hanging from noses and fake blood. My sister has never forgiven me.

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