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With the talk of long distant cycling check out the RAAM site at, this year we have a token Mennonite from Winnipeg riding in this race by the name of Arvid Loewen.  He is in his late 50’s and had done many ultra cycling events including riding across Canada on his tandem carrying children from Africa in the back seat.

The event is 3000 miles across the USA, the solo event started June 8th.  The rules are simple, just ride, no drafting, it is a one stage race the clock is always running.  First finishers are usually 8.5 days and average over 20/miles/hr.

Talk about a weight loss program…

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  1. Can you imagine being an African child and being towed in a bike trailer across Saskatchewan. Haven’t these children suffered enough?

  2. or the fact that they would have to smell me all the way across the country, what kind of memory would that be to have?

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