changes to rides

Had request to change June rides around because the MB Marathon is on father’s day and the ride the day before should be shorter.  Please take note of the changes.

Other, Quebec City has many cyclists on the road.  Have seen some great ideas for bike lanes and signage, something to bring to our communities. 

Shorty, great heads up on the pics of the forest fire.  Devestating is the word that comes to mind, hopefully we will all be around when it is returned to it’s past state.

So how did the ride go today, May 31st?  Look forward to the Sunday Morden ride report.


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4 thoughts on “changes to rides

  1. Burn it all and pave the whole damm thing!! lol, Kidding, you guy’s will be surprised at how fast the forest will regrow, I suspect by next spring things will start to look green in the burned areas.
    If it was not set by a 4 wheeler then mother nature would have set it with a lightning strike anyway.
    Who rode today anyway? I was at work most of the day so could not partake in the Saturday ride, although the weather was supposed to be bad so I would’nt have gone anyway (Val).

  2. Today’s ride went well, although, with riders starting at different times. Four of us (Curt, Hans, Rob, Jim) left the W.T. at 7:00, went the short way to Richer. We met Rudy and Sue just as we were leaving the restuarant, and then met Merle and Ron, a few kms. out of Richer. At LaBroquerie’ we encountered about 10 cyclists from the “randoneurs” group in Wpg., doing around 300 kms..

    It was a good ride—cool but dry.

  3. You just won’t let me forget that will you, Paul? 🙂 I wasn’t there either as I had other committments on Saturday morning…of course I don’t know if it was windy enough for me to be there afterall! Shoulda tried cycling around Otterburne Saturday afternoon with the tornado there, that would be just our style afterall!

  4. Reality check Big Jac. The runners doin the 1/2 or Full should not be doing a 70+km ride the day before anyways. Sat is the time to rest the legs for the big event. I’m doin the 1/2 M and will plan to take next Sat off to be fresh on Sunday. I’d suggest to keep the ride this Sat shorter to allow the runners the time and energy to get that last longer run in on the weekend as well. Just some thoughts to ponder.

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