Cathedral of the Prairies – new ride for 2008?

Hey Guys,

Somewhere between Oakbank and Hazelridge is the local architectural wonder known as The Church Of The Immaculate Conception (or popularly known as The Cathedral Of The Prairies). I blitzed past this place last year and made a mental note to suggest it as an MIT ride for this year. I think it would be 70 to 75 KM one way. It’s a really amazing structure that would be fun to look at as we rested up for the ride back. What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Cathedral of the Prairies – new ride for 2008?

  1. I endorse the idea fully. It would be a great destination and a great build-up for the Muddy Waters 100. New destinations help to keep the rides fresh. Who says we can’t pack a picnic lunch of energy bars, bananas, and powerade.

  2. I think that would be a good ride as well.
    Somewhere out that way is an old “Grotto” as well, I have no idea where it is although we passed it on the muddy waters ride last year, that would be an interesting one as well.

  3. The grotto is right beside the church. It’s a great ride. You can also do a nice, but shorter ride from Bird’s Hill Park out to 44 and around through Cook’s Creek and back up Sapton Rd. to the east gate of the park. There’s even a nice little hill as you approach the east gate on Sapton Rd.

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