Can’t wait to see this season’s new kits…











Meet the Z-man.  Word is that he will be riding with Merle this season.

7 thoughts on “Can’t wait to see this season’s new kits…

  1. R-man does have a new outfit on the way. It’s not quite as loud as the Z outfit, close but not quite. Lol. Anticipating reveal in April. Looking forward to a “group” ride this Saturday. I’m sure there could be some takers with an anticipated high in the double digits. Happy March everyone!

  2. Let’s do the group ride this saturday. Fearless leader, Jac, could you set a time at the water tower?

  3. Ah, Ron, you’re a sly one. Trying to draw me out, eh?
    We ‘Macrophiliacs’ are long past Leopard (that’s so yesterday!) we’re already into ‘Mountain Lion’! But, I do like the idea of a little tail.

  4. Jim (a.k.a. “Vocabulary Man” ) is confused by the word “Macrophiliac”. According to the list of “philias”, it means loving “long waits”. Breaking it down into the Greek roots “macro” (large) and “philia” (love), it could mean loving large things. I also came across the definition :”Macrophilia refers to a fascination with or a sexual fantasy involving giants.”
    Don’t know what this has to do with zebra, leopard or mountain lion cycling outfits??

    The “V-Man”.

  5. If you owned a Mac you’d understand, Jim. But, now that you mention giants . . .

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