CANAM 2011

Thanks to Paul and Marguerite for guiding and hosting our CANAM ride 2011 and kudo’s to Merle and Yvonne for making arrangements. Good company, good weather, good food and smooth roads – a great day of riding was enjoyed by all. Approx 95K was covered riding from Gretna to Walhalla and my computer says we hit 68kph coming down that hill (we won’t talk about going up…)! Watch for the additional photo of our lunch in Walhalla at the Sanctuary Guest House & Eatery.

7 thoughts on “CANAM 2011

  1. A beautiful day and no traffic! Thanks everyone for a great ride . . . and what a great place to stop to eat! Right, Jim?

  2. Totally enjoyed the day and the company. The lunch was a great event in itself both the menu and the ambiance. Thanks everyone for sharing the day.

    Hans. aka Rman

  3. Yeah, Shorty, the ambiance at the eatery was superb, and I’m fortunate that I didn’t need an ambulance after having almost walked through the glass front door on the way out. The only thing that hurt was my pride. A great day it was, anyway—-the ride, the weather, the company, the memories. Maybe I’m getting carried away——

  4. Great video on You Tube Ron…Jim, no encores, okay?

    I am so glad I had that day off and could join you all; what an awesome day for a ride and great location, great company.
    Look forward to next year…

  5. You know what Rita said when she saw the naked guy run into the glass——-she said he looked like me. I guess she should know!!!!!

  6. Stats are official. The climb out of Walhalla is a Cat 5. Start elevation in town was 1017 ft then desended 75 ft and then climbed 213 ft to where we stopped and waited. The average grade of the climb section was 3.4% … not Alp Du Ez or Ventoux although not too shabby for ND. Min elevation was 964 and max was 1155ft. Data received from a new iPhone APP running on the phones GPS called iMapMyRide.

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