Canada Day Ride

The annual Deacon’s Corner A & W ride was an unqualified success this year. Five riders—Mark, Merle, Hans, Ed and Jim were pushed by a strong tailwind all the way to Deacon’s Corner. We fully expected a hard fight against strong headwinds on the return trip but were pleasantly surprised after breakfast when the winds lessened quite a bit. So the return trip was not too bad, and we were able to make good time by echeloning it with short pulls. We ducked in under shelter at the Lorette Co-op gas bar for about 20 minutes, while the worst of a thunderstorm passed by, and were joined by a few bikers (Harley Davidson types) on a poker derby—nice people –really.

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Semi retired, semi literate, a bit reclusive, but enjoy the company of the MIT cyclists-----> a great cross section of personalities, professions, ages, interests. We all share this strange obsession with the elegant, efficient, wonderful little machine called the bicycle.

1 thought on “Canada Day Ride

  1. Testing my new mattress until 8:00 AM, drinking a slow coffee, watching Canada Day celebrations on the tube, reading a few more chapters of John Perkin’s “Confessions of an Economic Hitman”, mowing the lawn, tilling the flower beds, washing the car, washing the bike, setting up the tent (no, I’m not in the dog house again), giving away the old picnic table, visiting the in-laws for supper and buying a small bit of new cycling shwag online…. also an unqualified success of a Canada Day – even if I did jam out of the ride this morning 🙂 .

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