buy (almost) nothing christmas

Our family decided that this year our gifts would be experiences, messages, charitable gifts, used or recycled gifts. So, I received a fully planned “winter fun day”, a song with acoustic guitar, a card with a beautiful message and this belt made entirely from recycled road bike parts. A Merry Christmas indeed!

5 thoughts on “buy (almost) nothing christmas

  1. Ron, I can hardly wait to see what shorty has to say about the picture ! Anyways, Merry Christmas.

  2. Oh sure, Jim, set me up for failure! What were you thinking of?
    It’s a great gift, Ron. That’s a great idea to not participate in the commercialization of Christmas. The frenzy of shopping is so ‘off-putting’ that you wonder what is the point? Why are we doing this? For years my extended family has given to a charity as an alternative to giving each other gifts. Happy Christmas all.

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