Brunch Ride 2012

Vicarious satisfaction was all mine at the brunch ride – thanks everyone for coming out and braving exposure to my “viral” state! Hosting y’all is almost as much fun as riding with you. The 7AM group lit-up the road to St Pierre-Jolys with a scorching average pace of 34kph. I’m told they were frequently led by the newly leaned out Pete on his bent. The 8:30AM group (pictured above) didn’t quite make the La Broquerie destination due to a flat repair (was Alex’s extra passenger too heavy already?). By about 10:15 AM everyone was comfortably ensconced on RJ’s deck with a cuppa java and blueberry strada. It was a real pleasure to have more of the women out for this ride. Keep coming ladies!

Some thoughts about this:

1) Maybe the two-ride approach on Saturday mornings should be more often? It seems to increase overall participation and suit the particular riding styles of more people.

2) Maybe finishing the ride with breakfast in Steinbach should be more often because it allows some people, with tighter schedules, to skip the breakfast? On the other hand, people with open schedules might relax and linger more since the ride is done? Jay’s Cafe on Highway 12 North has an excellent “back room” for this.

3) We’ve got two unofficial annual events (by design, everything MIT = unofficial). The Brunch ride and the Headwaters 100. There is possibly a third one developing. Rumour has it the 3 day ride in the North Dakota lake area done by Merle, Jim, RJ, and Neil last year, may be repeated this August. We might benefit from one more annual unofficial event, perhaps in July. What should it be? Who would organize it? It seems to me that Birds Hill Park has some great potential for a group event. Maybe an annual Birds Hill Park Day where we meet at the park, ride for a few hours, and then wrap-up with a BBQ picnic?

4) Maybe not. Maybe the “cadence” of MIT is about right and we should just hold our line and keep drafting…

2 thoughts on “Brunch Ride 2012

  1. Thanks Ron and Noreen for a wonderful brunch – the ‘blueberry strada’ was fabulous!

  2. Thanks for hosting this event Ron and Noreen. I was sorry I had to leave before it all got started, but at least I had a chance to try Noreen’s great Blueberry Strada. I’ll also start weighing fruit to get the juiciest, now that I know the secret of fruit shopping.

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