Breakfast Meetings to continue

With Paul taking the initiative and inviting MIT cyclist for breakfast twice in December, the question came up if we are ready for the next step.

So now the proposal is that MIT meet for breakfast the second and fourth Saturday of each month @ 8 am at a pre-determined location.  At this point that location has been Kleefeld but could be Richer or in Steinbach.

I only attended the last breakfast, but it did empower me to get on my rollers and focus on the cycling year ahead.  It was great to hear the stories… of which some where true…and to laugh at each other.

So starting January 10th, 2009 8 am Kleefeld.

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2 thoughts on “Breakfast Meetings to continue

  1. Of course it’s a great idea, I came up with it!! Kidding, it’s a great time getting together with everyone and at times having to lift ones feet off the floor as the s–t gets a little deep with the stories that are flying around the table!!
    See you all on the 10th!!

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