Blues Or Cruise?

Just bought tickets to Buddy Guy and Johnny Lang at MTS Centre, Sept 21st. Then I realized it’s also the Headwaters 100 the next day. Dilemma….

3 thoughts on “Blues Or Cruise?

  1. Great clip, Ron! You could ride in to the concert the long way (through BHP) to make up for missing the Headwaters.

  2. Ron, last year when leaving the c’mon inn we booked 10 rooms for September 28-30, 2012. I should now change our reservation to September 21-23, right.

  3. Sue, I didn’t realize they had changed the date. But they must have, why else would we have reserved the 28-30? Various websites confirm the ride as being Sept 22nd, so I guess we better change those reservations.

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