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Here’s an idea for our club! We should register our club on (free) and have club members sign up under the MIT club (also free). Then we can log our mileage as a club and watch our “mileage meter” move towards a goal. It’s also a great website for keeping track of all your training stats. Our club mileage gets compared to other clubs on the site so we’d have some competition and motivation to ride more. You can check out the “Body Driven Sports” club which is already on there. We just registered our club so there’s no mileage as of yet. What do you all think?

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  1. I decided to register the club. So look for “Mennonites In Tights” club and join the club. It’s pretty easy to setup. I set our club goal at 20000 kms based on last year’s totals and because I don’t think everyone will sign up. If that’s not a good goal I’ll try to change it. I’ll send an email to everyone to see who will join.

  2. This is a great idea for both the club and individual riders. I do this for swimming on the Masters Swimming Canada web site thru a fun, on your honor program called the Million Meter Challenge. It is a great motivator and an excellent way to compare workouts between clubs, provinces and other individual swimmers. It is also a great way to record mileage for Distance-a-thons that allow walking, running, cycling, swimming etc. It will only take 3-4 of our more dedicated riders to exceed 20000. The MIT stats only record group rides, not the all the individual rides. I assume this site will allow club members to record all mileage. If so, at least triple it and lets get a good group involved! I for one will sign up.

  3. I too think its a great idea and plan to join when I get a minute.

    Are the rest of you as “done” with winter as I am? I wonder if planning for next week to be our inaugural ride is not a bit of “wishful thinking”. But this is MB afterall – one never knows!

  4. Val, I’m not done with winter (sorry!), but it may be done with me. I’ve been skiing 3, 4 or more times a week and now I’ve gotten into skate-skiing, too. But, yesterday was my come-uppance (is that a word?). I was balancing precariously on one ski, practicing skate-skiing technique and going downhill and boom down I went and dislocated the last joint of my thumb. I landed with the pole on the middle of the thumb. A lot of bad words were said (I’m not sure by whom) and I was off to St. Boniface emergency for 4 hours. I’m now in a cast (Glen, you’ll appreciate this!). Probably will be at the PanAm clinic next week some time. Yahoo! So, if the snow lasts, I might get out skiing again?

  5. Neil. Sorry about your thumb. Hope it heals quickly, at least in time for cycling if not skiing. Mine healed very well. I have almost full range of motion and only occasional joint pain. Yes I hated the cast.

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