Bikes and Brunch

Could there be a better combination? Some of you may recall a few years ago when MIT gathered for brunch at my place after the regular Saturday ride. Well, it’s late notice I know, but I’m wondering if this Saturday y’all would like to repeat the event? My suggestion is that the regular scheduled ride (7AM to St Pierre) could still take place but rather than stopping for breakfast, the group would just take a water-up break in St Pierre and ride back to Steinbach for brunch at my place at 10:30 AM. Also, there could be a second ride, that would meet at 8:30 AM and ride about 50K (i.e. Ste Anne or La Broquerie or Grunthal or New Bothwell or Marchand) and then meet at my place by 10:30 for brunch. This ride, which I volunteer to lead, will be SLOWER and would be ideal ride for newbies, irregulars (however you wish to define that :)) and anyone who just doesn’t fancy a hammer to St Pierre and back before breakfast.

Breakfast would be full courtesy of the Janzen Corporation and the generous support of Noreen. No need to bring anything but yourself. Spouses and partners would also be welcome to join, even if they don’t ride. RSVP’s from everyone, by Friday, please.

What say yee? Yeah’s, nay’s, and other comments please!

5 thoughts on “Bikes and Brunch

  1. Hey Ron,
    Great idea – I’d be up for the 8:30 AM ride (let’s me go get my grocery shopping done early at Stupidstore…I mean Superstore…before everyone else wakes up!) with you and I bet I can convince my mom to come as well.
    I swear it’s getting harder and harder for me to find a speed to challenge her…she was right on my wheel for the whole ride last night…
    So – I’m in. Let me know if anything changes either via the website or e-mail me at


  2. It is a generous offer Ron. I hope to do the longer ride, but am still down with a nasty chest cold. It may end up being the short ride or no ride. Either way, brunch sounds great.

  3. Hi guys,

    We have 11 RSVP’s for Brunch and between 4 to 6 riders for the 8:30 AM option. We will ride to La Broquerie (via Giroux) up to the golf course clubhouse and then back to my place, 120 Greenwood St, Steinbach. Brunch will be served in the backyard on the deck.
    Jac is away for the weekend, so we are leaderless (the SECOND TIME he has snubbed my brunch – but I’m not counting!).
    If anyone makes a last minute decision to come, no problem, always room for more around the deck!

  4. I’m thinking about doing the 8:30 ride since I plan on being asleep at 7:00 AM. It’s my morning to sleep in.

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