Bike To Work Day – Country Style

Noreen was in Winnipeg Friday and said the city was swarming with bike-to-work cyclists. I imagine they sucked exhaust, dodged potholes and weaved through traffic. The South Eastman version was a little different. I was the sole cyclist to acknowledge the day on the road between Steinbach, Girioux, and La Broquerie. It was…pastoral, magical, scary, beautiful, restful. Next week I find out whether there will be anymore bike to work days for me – interesting times. Riding is great therapy.

2 thoughts on “Bike To Work Day – Country Style

  1. Ron, I was acknowledging ‘Bike to Work Day’ at BHP on Friday. It was a beautiful day for a ride. Nice photos!

  2. Heh Ron, I hope to hear that you will have a lot more ‘ride to work days’ that take you out to La Bro. And Neil, if you can find some way to make cycling in BHP work financially for you, you might yet attain professional status.

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