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It’s vacation week (sort-of) – yippee! Anyone interested in riding to Wpg on Wed afternoon, July 18th to go the the Dan Frechette concert at Cresecent Fort Rouge United Church at 7:00 PM? Plan to go somewhere for supper before the concert. My wife’s going to meet me there and then drive me home after. We saw Dan perform on Canada Day in Osborne Village. He was pretty good (but it’s all about the ride you know…). Why doesn’t this post editor support URL’s (or maybe I’m just clueless…)? And why can’t I post to the category ‘rides’? And how do you control font size on this editor? Anyways to find out more about Dan, see .

Also, open to rides, rides and more rides this week. Breakfast, brunch, lunch (do you sense a theme here?), just let me know.

Oops – correction, this Wed is obviously July 11th. In that case the performer is JD Edwards, who’s style has been called ‘Funktry’ which is a fusion of country, funk and jazz. No idea what that sounds like, but I’m game if you are! Entrance fee is $10 and part of the proceeds are going towards support for the Raza family who are political refugees with six children being given sanctuary from deportation by the Crescent Fort Rouge United Chuch. Be a cyclist, a folkie, and an activist all in one night (not to mention a good friend to yours truly)!

2 thoughts on “bike n’blues ride

  1. RJ,
    I would be interested in going. When would you ride and which route are you thinking of taking? Let me know and maybe I can plan for that. I have a building project I’m starting on Wednesday in the city with a friend, but if you’re planning on riding later in the afternoon or evening, it might work for me.

  2. Starts at 7:30 PM, allowing 2.5HRS to ride, 1 HR for supper, and 1/2 hour buffer…I’d say we need to be on the road by about 3PM. I think I’d just take #52 to #206, to #1 West, then straight up Fermor to Osborne and into Osborne Village. Supper somewhere in the Village – maybe meet up with my wife on the parking lot of Starbucks (Osborne & River??) – or at the Church and then walk somewhere. Would your wife be coming too? Where would you put your bike? I was going to put mine in the car trunk, although we I guess we could lock them up on my bike rack (if you’re wanting to ride back home with Noreen and I). O.k. by me, but whatever you prefer.

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