Be Careful Out There!

Came across this news story this morning Makes me nervous! When will it be me?

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He started out riding trails on his CT 26" mountain bike eventually moving to a real mountain bike and added road riding to his menu over the last few years. He would like to scale the barricades put before him at times, but hasn't always succeeded!

3 thoughts on “Be Careful Out There!

  1. Indeed, feel the same way. I want to know about these things and yet the more I hear about them the more it increases by fears that the probability is there that someday it will be me. My sister was pretty freaked out about me riding south on HWY32 through Winkler to Walhalla this weekend. She said there’s been several deadly accidents on that highway in the last couple of years.
    But are we gonna do? Just keep riding the same 1/2 dozen reasonably safe routes that exist for the next 20 years? Or keep signing up for every supported Charity ride/tour you can find? Just too boring and/or too expensive (yeah, I know Shorty, “ride the trails on an MTB”!).

  2. Sounds like an amazing ride you did, Ron. I saw you heading out of Stein as I was heading in. I honked, but you seemed to just keep looking straight ahead into those hundreds of kms you still had to go! We had a great ride (Jac, Val, Pete, Lorraine and Shorty). We rode almost 40kms and encountered nary a car – just one deer. We ended the ride at Falcon where Lorraine was camping with her family and she treated us to an ice cold Bud Lime! Great day! I went out and rode from the Niv to Wpg. along St. Mary’s Rd. right after I posted that article. I made it safely back, but there sure were a lot of vehicles.

  3. Ah, Ron, you just wanted to savor the feel of that new bike huh? 🙂
    I heard about the Ottawa story on the news this morning; made me feel ill, it really did. However, tonight I strapped on my shoes, clipped into the pedals and headed out onto a busy 52 hwy, then up to New Bothwell and back, kept looking in my rearview and figured so many things are out of my hands and this is just one more. I do my best to be careful…then just enjoy the ride…but it is scary sometimes. But then I headed home with the west wind at my back, got down in the drops and put everything into it and I couldn’t get rid of the smile on my face.
    Shorty is right though – this weekend riding on the trail was FABULOUS!!!! Pictures will be posted.

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