Bad Time for a Burger?

Picture quality really doesn't do this meal justice. My phone lens is totally scratched...

The picture quality really doesn’t do this meal justice. My phone lens is totally scratched…

Is there ever really a bad time to order a bacon cheeseburger and fries? That’s what I was thinking when Saturday’s MIT ride rolled into Richer and the Cat Sass Tavern for the mid-ride food stop at just around 9:30am. To a man, all of the guys ended up ordering the “Provencher“, a typical, and delicious, breakfast special that the menu claims is a house favourite consisting of meat, eggs, hashbrowns and toast. Me? I boldly ordered the “Nor’wester Burger“, a local favourite – I know that’s true because it says so in the menu. In this case, I don’t doubt it as I consider myself a pretty good judge of a great burger, and I’d say this one ranks in the top 5 I’ve eaten anywhere, even out ranking VJ’s in Winnipeg. The homemade fries were also excellent. So if you’re ever in the neighbourhood, forget Gepetto’s down the road and try out the “Nor’wester”.

1 thought on “Bad Time for a Burger?

  1. Never a bad time for that burger – and just $5.50 too! I paid $12 for a cheeseburger at Maw’s last night. The live jazz and visit with my son was great, but the burger didn’t come close to the Nor’wester. Have to try VJ’s some day, I’ve heard about it for years. It was good to ride with you guys again and shoot the breeze at the Cat Sass – cheers!

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