Carbon Bike Frame Websites

This message is in response to a request re our St.Malo ride today.  Great Ride Everyone.  Vic, here are the 2 websites I was informing you about.   (frameset comes with fork, headset and seatpost(I think))  (price shown is just for the frame)

Good luck with your replacement bike/frame choice.

MIT Group Ride Dynamics

Hey everyone, the 2008 season is coming faster than we think. The website prediction of March 15th could be pie in the sky thinking although as it has been said before, anything can happen. Regarding the group rides, it’s important that we develop some new guidelines before the season starts and to do that, I’d suggest we plan a coffee or breakfast sometime within the next 3-4 weeks to “chat”. I can definitely see the need to have 2 speed groups on the larger group rides. Two main reasons are safety and group dynamics. The larger rides of 16-20 riders definitely increase the visibility on the road although also increase the passing time commitment for the cars on the 2 lane highways and increase the risks of tight pace-line riding. The group dynamics is something we shouldn’t ignore either as different fitness levels will always create the pressures on the pace. Compare this to hockey where you often have the need for different levels of the players/divisions based on their abilities and goals and number of participants. In reality, the Saturday am rides do mean something different to each one taking part. For some, this is the main ride of the week, for others, this is almost wind down time based on other rides and training during the week. Speaking for myself, the group rides have always been a dual benefit (camaraderie with the group and endurance training/riding for my sport and competitions).As the past few years of riding has gone, the distances of the rides and the pace have increased however this is due in part because of the nature of the sport … Better fitness and equipment, more experience, higher goals, type A personalities. New riders also get that feel of satisfaction from improving their technique, achieving longer distances, increasing their speeds, and upping their fitness level. 2 speed/distance groups helps to foster both causes and in reality, the end result (i.e. Time to get to a destination) is not that dramatically different with 2 groups travelling 5 km per hour different and yet both can arrive fulfilling their desires, goals and FUN factor.

The “founders” of the group probably never imagined the interest that would bloom from the start and I’m thankful for the welcomeness of the group that allowed me to take part when I decided to put the “helmet” on.

Thinking of the evolution of MIT, I think this is a great place to be where we have more riders coming each year deciding to take part in this great sport. We have a diverse group of people who have a common bond. **RIDING** Let’s keep the momentum going and continue to adapt to always make it enjoyable and safe.

Hans aka R-man


This past weekend (Long) I was able to spend some time cycling in the beautiful Riding Mountain National Park.  As I am not able to attend the MS Dauphin to Wasagamming and back ride this coming weekend, the opportunity came up to at least cycle to the North Gate of the park and back from Wasagamming to get a feel of the full package of hills and descents.  The first day of riding was just a warm-up to Moon Lake and back (about 65km) when after the turn, I developed the first flat of the year.  No problem, I had a spare. However to my demise, the spare tube had a hole as well, and the glue in my patch kit was dry … so much for that.  A “good Samaritan” stopped by on his way to Brandon from Dauphin and generously gave me a lift back to the campground. (found out he’s a fellow Triathlete who also competed at Riding Mountain a few weeks back)  Day 2.  After a change of tube and new tire (glass had pierced the other one) and carrying 2 extra newly patched tubes (all I had left), just in case, I headed back out to the North gate (100km round trip)  What a great ride through the rolling terrain leading out to the escarpment drop off at the North end of the park: big speeds and exhilaration.  Now came the return ride back up the “endless climb” (where is that triple when you need it) and along the continuous rolling hills back to Wasagamming.  I didn’t run out of food or water although my “pistons” were tired and screaming by the time I got back.  I summised that the hour long breakfast break usually thrown in our longer rides was sorrily missed.  Passed about 4 other riders along the way whereas one 65year old on a road bike told me as I headed away, that he hates the “young-ins” … made me feel 40 again!  Such was the rides at RMNP September Long Weekend.  Hope the MIT rides this past weekend were great and enjoyable as well.

Record setting event at Clear Lake, MB.

The Riding Mountain Triathlon/Duathlon took place this past Saturday with a record setting number of participants, 272!  Taking part in “Olympic Distance” fashion from MIT was Dale Sawatzky, Darren Reimer (both completing the 1500m swim, 40k hilly bike and 10k hilly run Triathlon) and Hans Epp (completing the 5k hilly run, 40k hilly bike and 10k hilly run Duathlon). Conditions were prime for PB’s with weather being cool with moderate winds even on the toughest course of the summer long series.  This was Darren’s first Olympic distance event and Hans’ 3rd of the Grand Prix Long Duathlon Series.  See for results.  All made it in safely with no flats and “not much left out there”. The story of the day was of Darcy Ready who is an accomplished Marathon Runner who had a flat 1/2 way into his bike portion of the Sprint Triathlon.  He ran his bike back 10k to the transition area up and down the steep hills along highway 10 and still managed to have the fastest 5km run time for the final leg of his race.  Unbelievable.  For me, many great memories of this past race season with new PB’s, Sprint and Olympic series goals accomplished (Special Thanks to Valrae/Jas for their amazing support), and a mixed feeling of relief that it is now done. (Sorry Patrick Fredette that I won’t be able to attend the Ste Anne Duathlon in September … maybe next year)  However, MIT is riding strong into the fall and for some of us, Clear Lake will return as part of the MS Dauphin to Wasagamming ride in September.   “The beat goes on”

The “Long” and the “Sprint” of it! St. Malo Conquered!

MIT was represented today at the St. Malo Triathlon/Duathlon by Darren Reimer and Hans Epp.  With the temperature already at 24 deg with 85% humidity at 8am, the day was going to be tough.  Hans hit the road running at 8:45 doing a Long/Olympic Duathlon (5kmrun, 40kmbike, 10kmrun) while Darren waited till 9:30 to start his Sprint Triathlon (750m swim, 20kmbike, 5kmrun).  They exchanged competitive looks twice on the course passing head-on during the bike section as well as the final run with 2 Personal Bests being recorded as the races came to an end.  Darren managed to take minutes off his PB while Hans’ time was automatically a PB as this was the first race and time completing that distance in its entirety.  Great time was had by all including a picnic lunches with “the families” who came to offer their encouragement and support.  See the website for results and standings.  Next event … Pinawa in 2 weeks.  As one of the spoken lines in the movie “Cool Runnings” with John Candy states, “I feel very ‘Olympic’ today”