Body Driven Sports closing!?

Yup. It’s time to move on. The final day of business will be Dec.22, 2012. Everything is on deep discount and I need to get rid of it all. So please do me a favor and take me to the cleaners.

Thanks so much to everyone for 6 1/2 + years of support. It’s been great getting to know you all and I’m looking forward to riding more with MIT since I won’t have to go to work on Saturdays 😉

Stay “body driven” my friends!

Moonlander has landed.

Hey everyone, just letting you know that I’ve got my first Moonlander Fatbike in for a customer. They said they wouldn’t pick it up until Thursday at the end of the day. If you’re curious or interested in fatbikes come on by Thursday 12-6 (I’m closed Wed.). You gotta see this thing in person!

To early for Fatbike talk?

Well I may have caught the bug and now I want a Fatbike. Buying 20 acres of untamed land out of town makes that somewhat more of a necessity thing than anything but exciting either way. It seems to be one of the hot growth trends in the industry right now and even Norco is now selling Fatbike parts. Sounds like they will sell Fatbikes as soon as 2014 too if this trend continues.

On that note, I just got my dealer application for NRG Enterprises, who are the Canadian distributor for Surly (perhaps the most well known Fatbike brand). So a new Moonlander will be on it’s way to my store asap (I hope), and those of you thinking about Fatbikes will be welcome to test drive it and of course place your orders too. Thought I’d let you all know before you order one somewhere else. Cheers. “Let is snow, let is snow, let it snow…” OK maybe not yet.

MB Mountain Bike Cup #2, This Sunday May 27.

Come one, come all to the return of mountain bike racing to Sandilands forest! Our last race there was in a snow storm. Then we had the fire of 2008 destroy the race course. This year we were finally ready to try again but more forest fires threatened us. But the rain saved us and it’s ON! Bring your cow bells, clappers, flags, costumes, etc. Watch some of our fellow MITer’s show their skills on their mountain bikes. Bring the family out to watch our local Kids of Mud club members race too. Food and refreshments available for purchase. See you at Suicide Hill!

mountain bike cup2 poster


New Hours!

Hey everyone, 
The snow is going fast and business is picking up so we’re changing our hours for the summer starting March 16. The new hours are a little different than last year. We’ve decided to stay open later on Fridays and Saturdays. I’ve also hired some help so I’m hoping I can join MIT for a lot more rides this summer!
Here’s the new hours:
Sunday                Closed
Monday                Closed
Tuesday               10am-6pm
Wednesday          12pm-6pm
Thursday              10am-6pm
Friday                  12pm-8pm
Saturday               10am-4pm
I hope that these adjustments help everyone.
Patrick Siemens