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What do you think? How about using this to ‘chatter’ about MIT rides? We could have MIT members ‘register’ and then everyone could ‘post’ comments here. That way we don’t have our email inboxes swamped with emails. We could reserve one page just for Ride Info, where the when and where for the next ride could be posted — with latest updates so no one (Paul) would end up waiting all morning at the water tower when the ride details suddenly change.

Let me know what you think.

April 2007

The snow is melting, our legs are rubber, breathing is laboured, our bikes are filled with grim that needs cleaning after every ride and there is a strip up our backs. Spring is here and first rides of 2007 are taking place. By the amount of hits on this web site we should have many new riders out this season. Rides will take place each Saturday at 8 am and Sunday afternoons for April. Thank you Pat for the MIT shorts, Ron picture wearing them in our photo gallary, how far we have come from just a couple of us riding together. 2007 looks to be promising as many different people have talked to me over the winter. So get your backside on a saddle, put your legs, heart & lungs in gear and lets get ready to ride. See you at the tower.