How I can add my photo to my profile?

A couple of MIT readers have asked how they can add an image to their profile on the MIT website. Actually, the new website allows you to use avatars to identify you when you post on the site.

Avatars: An avatar is an image that follows you from site to site appearing beside your name when you do things like comment or post on a blog. You can get a (free) avatar by signing in to Gravatar (

Once you’ve signed up you can upload an image or photo that you would like to use when you sign in to any avatar-enabled website. The image is linked to your email address so that when you comment or post to the website it matches your avatar with your email address.

I’ve used one of my photos of the group prior to this year’s Headwaters 100 ride for the site banner. I’d be happy to add other cycling photos to the banner — even have a ‘rotating’ banner with several other photos. If you have a photo (1000px by 288px) that you think would work for the site banner please send it to me and I’ll try to make it work.

If you have questions or comments send me an email. I’m open to suggestions.

Two pants?

After listening to Ron and then Curt the other ride I rode my first ride today wearing two pair of spandex.  

Must say 50 km ride went well and my bike seat was cushioned in a positive manner.  Now it is not my place to say that I rode better, but I did think that with the extra padding I was able to be more comfortable. 

I was thinking on the ride, well if two pair pants ride better what would three pair feel like?

missed the st malo ride but…

Drink and drive?

Don't drink and drive!

Rudy and Sue cycled around the Napa Valley in California this morning. The 90km circuit included a breakfast stop in Calistoga and a number of stops at several wineries. While the road was mostly flat it DID seem to get a bit more ‘winding’ after a few samples! I uploaded some photos in the photo gallery.