An article worth reading

Many of you already get “Bicycling” magazine and may already have read this article at some point.  It is pretty long, but so worth the read.  It is centered around cyclists injured/killed by inattentive and/or drunk drivers, the lack of accountability for the drivers involved, and what some are doing to try to change things.  I know this is not new, I know this is a huge, uphill battle…but it did make me think I should be doing more than just stewing and complaining about it.  Just not quite sure where to go from here….

At any rate, like I said, its worth the read.  Its not meant to scare anyone off from doing what we love; I don’t think any of us are unaware of the risk we take going out there but the risk is worth the reward so far.,6610,s1-3-12-16637-1,00.html

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