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In February 2012, people from all walks of life will come together to celebrate human resilience. Because around here, we don’t just survive winter. We thrive in it.

Set against the backdrop of a 130km bike race in the cold weather and brutal winds of a Southeastern Manitoba winter, five festival sites will glow with the warmth of community spirit, the strength of human ingenuity and the beauty of having fun whatever the temperature.

Do you dare? (i don’t)

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  1. Ron, if you up the ante to a triple dog dare or even a double dog dare, then I’ll have absolutely no choice.

  2. Oh boy, now you guys are making me feel like a pussy. But I have an out – I only own road bikes (phew…). Jim, this is made for you. Do it. You are ‘the’ MIT hardass (utmost respect for rando-Pete and Andrea, but I think you’d have about 20 years on either of them). Maybe I could volunteer to serve you guys hot apple cider at the rest stop or something nearly sane like that. By the way, Robert Laroque is also considering doing the ride. He’s been tearing up the trails along the Seine for the last couple of weeks.

  3. Is there any other kind of bike. I have a fat tire snow bent about 1/2 done if it gets done and works it will be used.

  4. A bent snow bike? Crazy idea, and I love it! Please post pictures. You know, MIT is the only club that I know of, in these parts, that has a frame builder as one of the members…boasting priviledges!

  5. Merry Christmas to all Ladies and Gents of the “Mennonites in Tights”! As I am consisdering competing in the Actif Apica event I am still unable to find a supplier for a few essential items that are required and/or suggestedfor this event. I would like to see if any of the members would be able to steer me in the proper direction. I need primarily a good set of Pogies and some regulation sized Insulated Nalgene water bottle and cages. Your help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you……RL

  6. Rob
    For pogies try Canadian tire on an atv shop.
    For water Lindsay recommended an OR water bottle parka (MEC) lashed to the side of the head tube. I have been using a camel back tucking the tube under my jacket, I would still have an insulated bottle on longer rides.
    Hope this helps and that we get some weather calls for pogies and insulated water.

  7. Thank you Pete! I read on Chatter that you were going to attempt Actif Epica. As well as was Andrea. I was hoping that you would read my request and advise me. I will check out the OR bottles and parka along with the Camel back Asap. I had phoned around to a few local bike shops and not gotten too far. Are you planning on riding right thru? Or did you consider going the route of bringing a small tent and sleeping bag with you just in case? I regularly ride in winter on a mountain bike,(only 40 – 60 kms so far) and don’t think I can ride the whole 130 km in one go. Thanks again. I appreciate your input…..Rob

  8. Rob
    Any of the outdoors shops in Winnipeg will have bottle parkas. They are an insulated sleeve that fit a most bottles.
    I will ride straight though, its mostly gravel roads only about 15 km south of the perimeter is “unmaintained”, so it will be fairly fast. Unless we get a big dump of snow or a strong north wind.
    The route is never more then 5 km from some shelter but the ability to keep warm if you can’t move is rather important I carry a puffy jacket and a space blanket when/if its below -5 or so.
    We should get together and ride a bit of the trail and talk gear and tactics.

  9. Thank you Pete! I would like to get together to ride part of the trail. We need to set something up on a weekend soon. As I work Mon. to Fri. 8:30 to 4:30pm with all weekends off. I also have the third week in Jan off. Talk to you later…Rob

  10. You guys may know this already, but the deadline for entry is Jan 10 (postmarked) and the field is being limited to 130 competitors. In the entry form, you have to submit a bit of a resume about your experience in endurance events and races. Pete, I , too, plan to ride straight through as fast as possible. I’m getting a “Salsa Mukluk” snow bike (fat tires) in Grand Forks this week, although my mountain bike has been OK up to now on gravel rds. even with the occasional wipeout on ice, when I wasn’t paying attention.

  11. Jim, I’m sure you’ve checked this out, but they are selling those at Olympia on Portage Ave. in Winnipeg. Their latest post says the bikes have actually arrived.

  12. This may turn into the longest discussion thread in MIT website history! Anyways, if guys aren’t on to it yet, here’s a local website by fatbike enthusiasts which also has some discussion about actif epica training rides – . That Salsa Mukluk is so cool, I may have to enter this ride just to have a reason to buy one of those :).

  13. Shorty, I’ve checked and priced these bikes at Olympia, both Surly and Mukluk, and I hate to report that our American friends are about $600 cheaper. I just don’t understand why so many products have to be so expensive on this side of the border.
    Ron, I’ve seen the local fatbike website—-interesting stuff. I’ll let you guys know in a future post how it feels to ride a fatbike compared to a mountain bike.

  14. That’s a significant difference – definitely worth the trip.
    BTW I can already tell you what it feels like to ride a ‘fat’ bike. I ride one all the time and it gets in the way of proper posture, etc. I’ve tried to lose weight, but it’s like the cat – it keeps coming back 🙂

  15. Good day Pete. I moved a few things around and I will be able to meet you at the Crystal Spring Colony on Saturday Dec 30 th at 13:00 hrs with my mountain bike. (Its the best I can do for now) I checked on Google maps and they show two locations for the Crystal Spring Colony. One shows the Colony smack in the middle of the town of Otterburne. The other shows the Colony location as being a few miles North and West of Otterburne. I assume that the latter location should be where you want to meet at. If you could confirm that and possibly include the geographical coordinates I could punch them into my GPS and follow the directions there. Thanks for the message and I will talk to you later. Rob

  16. Rob
    From Steinbach take 52 west to the 59, south on 59 about 1/2 km cross bridge take gravel road just south of bridge 10 km west to Crystal Spring rd 1/2 km south I will be at the south side of the first building on the left.
    mountain bike be just fine

  17. Thank you Pete.!! Those directions will be fine. I’ll be driving a white GMC pickup. See you there…Rob

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