Actif Epica Niverville Checkpoint

Had a great day helping out at the Niverville checkpoint for Actif Epica.  Met nice folks from other clubs like Olympia and Alter Ego.  It was a very fast race.  These were deadly serious athletes.  For the leaders, the Niverville break was between 1 and 3 minutes.  If I hadn’t come 4 hours early to the checkpoint, I’d have missed most of the cyclists.  Even the runners were through the 61km checkpoint by 5 pm.  Jim Nadler tore through at just after 11am and Pete was shortly behind him (in spite of being led off course for 30 minutes right out of St. Malo).  Rob came through a bit later but was in good spirits and looking strong.  Unfortunately, when I turned on my camera, I discovered it was missing the memory card.  So, had to take pictures with my SuckBerry for the rest of the day.  Below are elapsed times that we recorded at the checkpoint (approx 1/2 way through the race).

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  1. It was a pleasure working with you yesterday Ron. Maybe I can be an honourary MIT (WIT) girl next season for a ride. And I think you mean between 1 and 30 minutes stay time at our checkpoint.

  2. It was great meeting you Kim. Absolutely, love to see you out for a ride. IMO, the best two rides are to Richer (about 65 – 80 km, depends on route) or to Woodridge (110 km). Sadly, the Woodridge Inn burned down last fall, so not sure what we will do for a breakfast break on that ride this year. The 1 – 3 minutes refers only to the eight riders leading the pack, they were all in and out really fast. I’m hunting for that blog you talked about…:) .

  3. Ron, a wonderful job, you and the other volunteers did at all of the checkpoints. Many thanks. A couple of minor corrections to picture captions. The fellow from Minnesota with the “mukluk” footwear is not Al Dixon, but Alex Oenes. Also, you may have misunderstood Pete about the 30 minutes of being lost in St. Malo Park at the start of the race. What happened was that the first stretch, about 1.5 kms in the park was to be a controlled start, where we all were to ride slowly until we left the park, then the real race would begin. Well, the fellow that was leading this contolled start got slightly lost, so we all tromped around in a long line for awhile until we finally found the correct route. Once we left the park and were on the road, we laid down the hammer. Still waiting for the final results—–I was 8th, arriving at the finish line around 3:00. Got held up at St. Adolphe for about 10 minutes by a Shaw TV interviewer (I should have declined, but I wanted to be famous) and lost another few minutes in the last 10 kms, when I lost the trail for a bit and had to go back and find it—- the last few kms were single track “monkey trails” beside the Seine River and Red River in Whittier Park. All in all, a fantastic day!!!!

  4. Great to see you RJ, such a relief to see familiar faces throughout the day. Thanks so much for helping make the day run smoothly. Jim, you were amazing!!!!! Well done sir!

  5. Oiy. I missed the “leaders” part. And nice ride Jim. congrats.
    I’ve ridden from Richer to Steinbach a couple times in the middle of a couple Randonneur 200k rides I did. It was all a blur by the end. I got a flat on one of them somewhere in that section. You never forget those.
    as for the blog….. Well, I linked my name this time. 😉

  6. Thanks for straightening me out Jim, I guess “you had to be there” — wait till I get my new fatty 🙂 .

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