Actif Epica 2013

Congrats to Pete and Jim, both finished in the top 10 of this years gruelling Actif Epica. Nice to see you guys training hard year round. You are an inspiration to this couch potato.

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  1. We will all be expecting Jim and Pete to do a lot of pulling during the Spring Classics to Richer, Kleefeld and St. Anne. Meanwhile, the trails in Sandilands have been fantastic with the best snow we have had in years. I hope to see some of you on skinny skis (including Jim and Pete) before the winter ends and the real cycling season begins. Ron, get off the couch!!

  2. Hey, Merle and Ron. I’ve got back on the cross country skis this week—-skiied twice and it’s like learning to ski all over again, still feeling quite awkward. There’s a beautifully groomed 3 km loop starting at the museum in St. Pierre, which winds through woods, runs beside the river and dikes, quite scenic and undulating. I just might see you at the Sandilands one of these days.

  3. Rode a 20 km loop Sunday afternoon. Felt just fantastic, then hit the 2 km mark and started to feel the lack of training. Good on you Pete & Jim to ride the Actif Epica 2013!
    If nothing else it got me to post the 2013 ride schedule. Headwaters 100 is scheduled for Sept 28th. Apparently a restaurant is being built in Woodridge so I put a couple of those in plus added New Bothwell and Landmark so that we can enjoy the new pavement on the 210. As always riders that morning determine final breakfast point.
    I put first ride on April 6th but know that we will get in a March ride. Any bets of which day first ride will occur?

  4. Go Woodridge! It will be good to have a food destination there once again. From two past experiences I can say that Arkansas is beautiful the last week of March. Any Mennonites in Tights interested in coming down to Arkansas for a week of spring training? I am planning another Spring Break cycling trip to Eureka Springs (with family) and would love to see the Menno’s take on Hillbilly country. There are a lot of shops and restaurants and walking trails so it is a good place to bring non-riding spouses.

  5. Rita and I are driving south during the March break (Mar.21 to April 1). We might just make our way to Eureka Springs.

  6. It would be great to show you some of the roads we discovered last year Jim. We are going to check the weather forecast the week prior, and if it looks like a great week sunshine and temp wise we’ll pack up and take off on the Saturday. Hotels are very quiet so it is easy to book into any hotel. It doesn’t look like it will be as green as last year considering that yesterday the temps were still only +3. Last year we had temperatures in the mid to high twenties. Fantastic roads and riding regardless.

  7. I’ll contact you, Merle, before we go. We’ll be taking our RV, so will be staying in one of the many campgrounds around Eureka. All of this is weather permitting, of course.

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