ABES vs MIT Time Trial

I believe the time has come to contemplate an MIT vs ABES Team Time Trial. Over the last few years MIT riders have participated in a number of rides put on by our southern Mennonite brothers, including several Gretna to Walhalla rides, the provincial Individual Time Trial and a gravel grinder hosted by ABES last year. Perhaps it is time to invite ABES to come to the East Reserve for a friendly Team Time Trial. Many of the ABES club members are active in cyclocross and have something of a competitive spirit, so this might be something to draw them out of their club/pub house for a visit to our side of the Red. The format could be an easy “get acquainted” group ride to Quarry Oaks followed by a 50 km TTT from Quarry Oaks through La Broquerie to Richer to Ste. Anne and return via Giroux to Quarry Oaks. We would break from established UCI Rules for the TTT with our own rules:

1) Team of 10 riders max.
2) Team must maintain a minimum of 8 riders to Ste. Anne
3) Team must finish with five riders

My guess is that it could be a very close race. Lunch would be at Quarry Oaks following the event.

Share your thoughts and ideas.