ABE’s Grossen Priese ITT Results

Official results of the Provincial ITT and the ABE’s open event are posted here. Wow, Merle, your time was equal to the men’s under 15 and under 17 category! And Pete, at 28:49, riding a bent, after a 100 KM ride into the wind BEFORE the race! So, now I know that I don’t need to compete at Provincial events or race. All I need to do is keep trying to hang with you guys at MIT rides and I’m already among the strongest riders in the province. Awesome performance, you guys rock.

3 thoughts on “ABE’s Grossen Priese ITT Results

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  2. Well done you guys!!! 🙂 Hmmm….we’ll have to make that a bigger MIT representative sample next year. I couldn’t get there this year because I had something else going on but would be game to try next year. 🙂

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