A Pyramid Scheme Operating in Steinbach

Once again I feel bad submitting a post which has nothing to do with cycling, but the information I have should be publicized in as many places as possible.  Our family and friends have been approached by several “sales people”, inviting us to meetings in Steinbach , where we can be given the opportunity to earn huge amounts of money.  I was quite suspicious and after questioning one of the inviters, believed very strongly that it was a “Ponzi” investment scheme.  My wife’s family was seriously burned by one of these schemes about 15 years ago, so I wrote a letter to the editor of The Carillon with a warning about a possible scam.  Today, I found out some more information about this Steinbach scheme and it definitely is a scam.  The company is called BIM—-“Business In Motion”.  CBC –“Marketplace” did a piece on them in February, where they sent an “undercover”  financial expert to one of their meetings, and his very clear explanation of this crooked business is on their website.  You can also put  “BIM  scam” into a search engine and get lots of information including the CBC investigation.   There is a very prominent real estate agent in Steinbach (who shall remain unnamed)  who is in charge of this scam locally.

I would be interested to know if anyone else who visits  “Chatter” has been approached or knows of people who have been “sucked in”.  The two people who invited us (on different occasions), claim they have actually made quite a bit of money, so must have recruited a large number of people “lower down on the pyramid.”

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6 thoughts on “A Pyramid Scheme Operating in Steinbach

  1. Jim,
    I attended a BIM event in late fall 2008. I attended at the request of a niece as well I had heard many different comments regarding this outfit and needed to see for myself.
    Not impressed, is the only what I can describe it. Dissapointed in the presentation and pressure applied at the meeting to the point of them telling me I couldn’t leave when I wanted to. My money is still safely in my possion.
    These type of schemes prey on individuals who have stars in there eyes and become convinced it will be easy to sell a $3,500 “vacation pkg” to friends & relatives.
    In the end it is buyer beware.

  2. Well I made a million bucks selling vacations in winnipeg! Plus my friends I have some great property in Florida that I can sell you as well!!

    Jim, in addition to poasting on this web site, did you notify the local RCMP?

    I say again, I can sell you a prime piece of Floridian realestate…

  3. I did indeed contact the local RCMP about this, Paul. They gave me a website–recol.com, where you “report economic crimes on line”, to which I made a report. As the CBC “Marketplace” program on this pyramid scheme says, Canada is notorious for its tolerance of pyramid schemes even though they are illegal. This particular BIM pyramid scheme thinly disguises itself by selling a worthless vacation package for $3200. As Jac says, in the end let the buyer beware.

  4. It’s OVER!
    Wednesday March 24, 2010
    Re: Operations on hold for Regrouping and Restructuring
    Dear Distributors,
    Indeed, having to write this very difficult letter is truly the most unfortunate moment in BIM’s
    history. On Sunday March 21, 2010 our Global Sales Director held a very important conference
    call open to any Distributor interested in knowing about their BIM business. We sincerely thank
    all the Distributors (300 to 400+) that took the time to join the call.
    The purpose of the call was to announce that, due to drastically plummeting sales, we have
    reached the decision that Business In Motion International Corporation will be on hold for
    regrouping and restructuring for an indefinite period of time. Effective Monday March 22, 2010,
    we are no longer conducting business as usual.
    Over the next two weeks, until Friday April 9, 2010 we will be available to liquidate up to half of
    all current products in stock at a reduced cost. Our aim is to provide Distributors with an
    opportunity to purchase new products at unbeatable prices! More information in this regard will
    be sent via a separate e-mail.
    Effective immediately all further correspondence will be conducted by online support tickets and
    e-mail at admin1@bimcorporation.com only. Please be advised phone calls will not be
    We are very saddened that it has reached this point; however, please understand that BIM and
    Alan Kippax worked diligently over the past months to sustain this business for you, our valued
    Distributors. Unfortunately, we have exhausted all business and personal resources. It is our
    furthest hope that one day; we would be able to continue operations again.
    We would like to sincerely thank all of our Distributors for their business and involvement and
    particularly those who continued working to the last minute. You were not only our Distributors;
    you were our “BIM Family”! Your dedication, support and friendship will forever be
    We wish you all the best with your future endeavors!
    Business In Motion International Corporation

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