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I saw this in the “comments” on “About Us” and wanted to be sure everyone in MIT would be able to see it.  If you aren’t riding Headwaters this weekend, think about joining this.

I won’t be making it down to Park Rapids this weekend as originally planned so I hope I might be able to be there.

Roger LaRiviere on September 17, 2012 at 1:54 pm said:

MIT members might remember the tragic death of cyclist Arne Johnsrud on March 19th 2012. He and I were cycling Highway 12 near the Trans Canada Highway when he was hit from behind by a cement pumping truck.

We will honor his memory with a bike ride from Ile Des Chenes on September 23rd. MCA members are welcome to attend. The Ride will start at 10 am. The distance is 65km. The chosen route is the one Arne cycled regularly. We will stop in Lorette on our way back to visit with his widow.

For more information contact Roger at 204-237-1942



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  1. Thanks Roger. I won’t make the memorial ride but I do think about Arnie often as I drive past the roadside memorial on PTH12. Please give our very best wishes to Mrs. Johnsrud and thank-you for organizing such a wonderful gesture. Some measure of the pain of loss by Arnie’s family and friends will be eased by your show of care and support.

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