A Great Bike Tire!!!!!

In September 2009, I put 2 new CONTINENTAL GATORSKIN 700X23 tires on my road bike. Almost 10,000 kms. later, although the rear one looks a bit worn, they are still in excellent condition and could possibly go another few thousand kms. Certainly the front tire shows virtually no wear. ( I don’t bother with tire rotation, front to back, preferring to replace tires as needed).
I have tried other brands but have never had this kind of success——some tires only last 2000 to 3000 kms. Every ride I do has 3 miles of rough gravel on a portion of the route, so the tires are really tested.

(Incidentally, I received no money from CONTINENTAL to post this.)

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2 thoughts on “A Great Bike Tire!!!!!

  1. I totally agree Jim re the lasting power of the Continentals. I have the 4000 on the road bike and am going on almost 2 seasons. They are very resistant to puncture and after using the rear on a magnetic trainer this winter it’s still going strong. This is a free advertisement for those who live to stretch their $$. I.e. All of us!

  2. Ok, so maybe I got the bum ones…last year used some Conti’s for the first time – 5 flats!!! 2 alone on the same MS bike tour!!! Constantly finding bits of glass in them.
    Now, my last one is on the bike again this year and Patrick changed the rim tape in my wheel set as he said it could be sharp rim tape causing a problem rather than the tires. I hope so.
    We’ll see…if cycling season ever really gets here…

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