8-4-2 !!

Well, cycling mates, good news today!  When I started riding back in 2004 I was on a 8mg daily dosage of blood pressure meds.  In 2007 that was reduced to 4mg.  Today it was reduced to 2mg!  Do I deserve a reward?  What about this funky little Redline 925 with a flip flop hub that I could pick-up at Olympia for less $700?  It would get me to the office in real kool style…and Rob and I could be fixie fiends.

6 thoughts on “8-4-2 !!

  1. If thats not reason enough, I don”t know what is, I say buy it and all the nay sayers be dammed!!

  2. I’d say a new Redline 925 is the best prescription for health issues anyone could write. Also a great way to start the cycling season!

  3. I think, it is a good reason, But…I for one would be jealous, then feel the pressure of requiring my own Redline 923, which in turn would cause me to start taking the 2 mg of blood pressure meds that you aren’t using anymore, because bike #4 would be too much for that one great love of my life, the one that waits for me each Saturday morning to get home safe and sound. eh…no it isn’t my other Cannondale!

  4. Maybe its the fact that the RHA just received a 12% increase in funding for the next year … thats gotta bring the old pressure down. Or its the amazing service and advice you’ve received from your friendly neighborhood MIT pharmacist? Anyhoo, congrats on the trend to be bp med free and I’d say, don’t wait till the end of the day … GO FOR IT!!!

  5. Way to go on the blood pressure, RJ, you definitely owe it to yourself to get a new ride. Don’t try to put it on my tab, though. As much as I admire you, I’m not paying for your reward. But, I think it was all the skiing you did this winter, not only the biking! That combination is unbeatable.

  6. Oh crap, you totally busted me Shorty…guess I better go and pay for it now! Knowing that you’re out working off my equipment and not riding around in retirement ecstasy, day after day, gives me schadenfreude and keeps by Bp in check too.
    R-man, sadly, it’s all relative. You’d think 12% would be enough for just about any public sector org…but not SEH/SSE. We ended up $1.73 million short, because we needed 16% to cover all the nurses and health care aides we’ve been hiring to meet service demands. Managing Health Care in this region makes me think of what it would be like to live on a Hutterite Colony with a moratorium on ag production and land purchase…all kinds of population growth…nothing to fuel it with (maybe Pete knows the answer…). Although, maybe if we take $500,000 and give out 700 Redline 925’s to everyone with high Bp we’d save a few million in a couple years….wonder if I could be the first one?

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