3 Feet is NOT Enough!

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7 thoughts on “3 Feet is NOT Enough!

  1. In Germany it is a rare motorist that will pass if there is oncoming traffic. I don’t know if there is a three foot rule, but motorists are aware of their responsibilities. Since cycling is engaged in by so many there is more appreciation for the needs of cyclists. Perhaps what is needed is a cyclists media campaign similar to that run by Mothers Against Drunk Drivers. A lot of drivers don’t seem to have the ability to mentally put themselves into the place of a cyclist. Perhaps a good television advertising campaign would give them a sense of the dangers careless driving poses. Laws are great but I doubt that they will do a lot to change attitudes. We have a law against cell phone use while driving and I still see a lot of people on cell phones. Hearing and seeing about deaths and the impacts on everyone involved (motorist included) might have more impact to bring about change.

  2. Fiirst we need the law, which our current government has had the lack of vision to NOT implement, inspite of lobbying from Bike to the Future and MCA. Once we have the law then, as the article noted, it’s not enough. We need to educate. But frankly an education campaign without any ‘teeth’ will be mostly wasted.

  3. Sadly, it’s just like the Sandilands. The government has all the rules and regulations to govern the activities there, but if no one is enforcing them, people do whatever they please. Look at the devastation of that beautiful forest and the possible recreational activities it held. That includes a ‘so-called’ Ecological Reserve (Pocock Lake).
    We tried a letter-writing campaign to goad the government into acting and all we got was a polite non-commital response and nothing was done.
    I’m not sure what the answer is to make our roads safer for cyclists. Laws are a first step, enforcement and education is an important second step, but unless there is a huge societal shift and support I can’t see attitudes changing much.

  4. P.S. I sent an email to the Minister of Infrastructure and Transportation (cc’d the Minister of Healthy Living) regarding changes to the legislation and got the same polite non-committal response. Ironically, his email is minmit@leg.gov.mb.ca (note the MIT in his address!).

  5. Squeaky wheel gets the grease…we need to keep writing, keep pushing, keep getting more people to write to their government representatives. We need to be the sort of annoying people we might otherwise love to hate.

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