2020 Ride Season Schedule

The 2020 MIT ride schedule has been posted.  Thanks to RN for the help in getting this done. 

As in years past the real schedule is determined at the water tower Saturday morning just before the ride.  Different factors determine the breakfast stop; factors like wind direction, weather concerns, how many riders, who needs to be where at what time and who needs what counselling.  

I scheduled the LAGSAR (LaBroquerie, Giroux, Ste Anne, Richer) rides each Wednesday.  Course we could have called that ride other names like ‘ride til you puke’ or ‘faster is better’ or even ‘heart attack special’.

This post is later in the year than in years past simply because the weather has not cooperated (read fair weather rider) and Covid-19 concerns.  Hopefully we will now have weather turned in the right direction and it looks brighter for the virus concerns as well.

We did have a ride April 25th as the first ride so it has been cold or internal rides since. The 3 Amigos who rode had a great outdoor breakfast.  The picture has us all sitting at separate tables holding our breath so get the group pic, then sitting the required distance apart.

Short story, if there is such a thing.   Called our web page host site IONOS to discuss reducing our cost of this site.  The call centre is in the Philippines and the person i talked to, Alvin, is an avid cyclist.  He understood our needs for a cycling site and was very helpful in sorting out my concerns.  Course we had to talk about our cycling adventures.  Alvin explained that he had a road bike but the busy highways along with not so good road conditions he seldom used his road bike.  He was a pure mountain biker.  When i explained how we always looked for hills in our flat country he said he dreamed of long flat quiet roads that went on forever.  Funny how we look for riding in conditions that are not in our area.  Thanks for your help Alvin.

As always feeling blessed to being able to ride my bike. Looking forward to the rides!

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