2010 Ride Schedule

So after a great church service this morning hosted by RJ I went to another church, the Church of the Round Wheel.  Decided to ride a one way ride to Woodridge the long way.  The long way?  you ask.  Through Giroux, it added about 10 km’s. 

Along the way I passed a number of bike riders.  A gentleman on a mountain bike, Alex on his fixey and Paul on his Devinci.  The reason I mention this was that I was a bit put off by the snub of the mountain bike rider who didn’t offer me a return wave.  You know we are both on the road riding our bikes because we love to turn those cranks.  Got responses from Scarface and The German Tornado but the mountian bike rider, nothing.  I was going to turn around and provide him with an understanding of gamemanship, but decided it just wasn’t worth it.

So after a great Raspberry pie in Woodridge with the in-laws I took the ride home with Audrey.  I then spent about 14 minutes on the 2010 ride schedule with about 17 seconds in deep thought regarding what fit where.

So here it is, another shot at providing us with an outstanding riding season and some rides to complain about, others to make us groan; but all to build charcter, relationships, fitness and have breakfast somewhere.  In total it is at 37 rides April thru Oct.  The start times are 9 am for April and Sept and 8 am for the rest of the summer unless it is a longer ride then it is 7 am.

I left the Richer loop as the most travelled, but added a long ride each month.  Added the MCC ride on June 12, Lancaster ride in July, Muddy Waters in August and the Headwaters ride in Park rapids in Sept.

As always those who do show up at the Water Tower have last say in where the ride will be heading.  You will get no complaints from me if you choose to ride elsewhere.  If you have suggested changes please let me know.

1 Saturday 03-Apr-10 Kleefeld 9:00 AM
2 Saturday 10-Apr-10 Kleefeld 9:00 AM
3 Saturday 17-Apr-10 New Bothwell 9:00 AM
4 Saturday 24-Apr-10 Richer 9:00 AM
5 Saturday 01-May-10 Grunthal 8:00 AM
6 Saturday 08-May-10 Richer 8:00 AM
7 Saturday 15-May-10 Woodridge 8:00 AM
8 Saturday 22-May-10 Richer 8:00 AM
9 Monday 24-May-10 Deacons 8:00 AM
10 Saturday 29-May-10 New Bothwell 8:00 AM
11 Saturday 05-Jun-10 Richer 8:00 AM
12 Saturday 12-Jun-10 MCC ride Altona/Walhalla 8:00 AM
13 Saturday 19-Jun-10 Richer 8:00 AM
14 Saturday 26-Jun-10 Lancaster 7:00 AM
15 Thursday 01-Jul-10 Deacons 8:00 AM
16 Saturday 03-Jul-10 Richer 8:00 AM
17 Saturday 10-Jul-10 New Bothwell 8:00 AM
18 Saturday 17-Jul-10 Cook’s Creek 7:00 AM
19 Saturday 24-Jul-10 Richer 8:00 AM
20 Saturday 31-Jul-10 Woodridge 7:00 AM
21 Monday 02-Aug-10 St Malo 7:00 AM
22 Saturday 07-Aug-10 Kleefeld 8:00 AM
23 Sunday 08-Aug-10 Muddy Waters 8:00 AM
24 Saturday 14-Aug-10 Richer 8:00 AM
25 Saturday 21-Aug-10 Grunthal 7:00 AM
26 Saturday 28-Aug-10 Richer 8:00 AM
27 Saturday 04-Sep-10 Woodridge 7:00 AM
28 Monday 06-Sep-10 St Malo 7:00 AM
29 Saturday 11-Sep-10 New Bothwell 8:00 AM
30 Saturday 18-Sep-10 Woodridge 9:00 AM
31 Saturday 25-Sep-10 Headwaters 9:00 AM
32 Saturday 02-Oct-10 Richer 9:00 AM
33 Saturday 09-Oct-10 Kleefeld 9:00 AM
34 Monday 11-Oct-10 New Bothwell 9:00 AM
35 Saturday 16-Oct-10 Richer 9:00 AM
36 Saturday 23-Oct-10 Kleefeld 9:00 AM
37 Saturday 30-Oct-10 Richer 9:00 AM
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  1. I am in favour of an occasional foray to Yan Seide to engage in a little bike mayhem. Since Yvonne and the kids are gone the weekend of May 1 I thought this might be a good time to head to the other side. Would you consider doing a Walhalla ride at that time? It really is an excellent ride, and definitely worthy of MIT doing twice in a year. If you are interested I can discuss the possibilities with Paul Krahn.

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