2010 Club Stats on BJ

According to Bike Journal we posted 52,040 KM’s as club MIT in 2010 (you can thank Pete & Jim for almost 50% of that) for an average of 5,204 KM’s per rider.  That ranks us 75th out of 877 clubs on BJ and the top club in Canada – way to go guys & gals!

In other news, the Sufferfest training videos I got for Christmas are living up to their name.  But I gotta tell ya, it really breaks the tedium of spinning with the i-pod.  Even though it’s just a video the interaction works.  The intense interval training takes your mind off the time, and the tunes are pretty good too.  Get yours by download from the website.  I promise you some good hurt’n!

In other-other news, got my son and his girlfriend custom “bobbleheads” for Christmas.  What do you think – good likeness?  Can’t you just see a “Jac” bobblehead siliconed to your bike stem…of course that would have to be “bobblebutt” wouldn’t it?

4 thoughts on “2010 Club Stats on BJ

  1. Hey RJ, thanks for the post about Sufferfest. I have really been struggling to ride my bike indoors this winter so I decided to check out the videos on their website. They looked interesting so I purchased ‘Angels’ and used it today. What a boost! The hour whizzed by (literally!) and I actually almost enjoyed it.
    Have you been skiing much? I’ve skied about 150km so far – all in the Sandilands.

  2. Hi Neil,

    I went out just before Christmas, ended up having a nasty wipeout at the far south end of Green trail and having to ski back 7 km with a badly sprained toe and really poor kick. Probably the worst skiing I’ve had in about four years. Kind of lost my mojo and haven’t been out since. Silly really, this is probably one of best winters for trail conditions in a few years (although I’m getting pretty concerned about the spring flood forecast…the RHA is into serious flood planning already). So, I’ve done a grand total of about 12KM this year.
    What’s the wind-down entertainment on Angles? In Spiral Down there’s some really interesting footage of a German cycling acrobatic team.

  3. Interesting you should ask . . . it’s about the making of a certain cycling calendar . . . read female cyclists! Do you want to trade?
    Sorry to hear about your mishap on the trail. I always wonder about injury when I’m out there by myself and what would happen to me. I’ve seen wolves out there a number of times. I guess they’d clean up.

  4. Bobblebutt?? more like jigglebutt!

    Ok I’m going to order the sufferfest and motivate myself to ride this winter. Todate ridden 0 km’s indoors. Those new 27 lbs need to come off in some way.

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