2009 rides are posted

So I posted the 2009 rides.  If you review the Calendar and hold your mouse over the date it will tell you the destination and time we leave. 

I have added a Giroux loop each Thursday for June, July & Aug for those who want a mid-week ride.

The issue is time leaving, I have put them at 8 am except for the longer rides those are at 7 am.

Long rides for this year are Lancaster USA 170 km on June 20th, Cook’s Creek on July 18th, Muddy Waters Aug 9th and we need to include the Latke 200 when we hear of the exact date.  Course Woodridge is still within our longer rides happening May 9, Aug 1, Sep 5 and Sep 26. 

With all the time changes people will have to make sure they know when we are leaving or we will not all get it right.  I would suggest we leave each week at the same time so that it would avoid that confusion. 

Please review and provide comments.  As each of you know we are too accommodating in our quest to make sure everyone is happy, and we fail miserably at it.  So comments, suggestions or your volunteering to make the schedule is appreciated.

We can discuss at breakfast next Saturday, March 28th in Kleefeld @ 8 am.

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4 thoughts on “2009 rides are posted

  1. Does this mean you rode this morning? Sorry, I missed it. I didn’t see this posting until this morning. Helmut and I skied 25km yesterday and plan to ski and ride today at Birds Hill. If anyone is interested, we’re meeting at the Chickadee Parking lot at 2:00pm.

  2. There obviously was a small error in the posting. Inadvertently, under “upcoming events” on March 21, you indicated a 90 km St. Malo ride, and a 60 km New Bothwell ride, neither of which happened this morning. It appears the first Saturday morning ride is on Saturday, April 4, at 9:00 A.M., to Kleefeld (48 km.)
    Listen, I know what it’s like to make mistakes—I made one once. Just a minute, let me remember???? I might be mistaken about that—–?!?

  3. We had a fabulous skate ski! The sun was shining and the track was excellent! The road was clear and dry and the wind was light so we had a great ride following a great ski (or is that ‘gretzky’?). Anyhows, wish some of you had joined us.

  4. Hey Jac thanks for your efforts and time setting up the 2009 ride schedule. The ride variety looks both exciting and challenging at the same time. Really gets that cycling mojo going!!! One conflict/suggestion re the Lancaster ride is that the next day is the Manitoba Marathon. I’m planning to do the 1/2 again this year altho really would like to “do the Lancaster”. Maybe some other MITers will be running that day as well?! No need to change anything at this point, just throwing the request out there.

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