2009 coming out (of our garage) pot luck

Mit Cycling is having it’s almost annual 2009 coming out pot luck event.  This year Jim & Rita will be hosting the event at their home south of Kleefeld.
date of event    March 14, 2009 – time 5:30 pm – directions will be sent posted etc

what to bring food, stories (should be somewhat true), significant other as approriate, BYOB

This is a potluck, so each of us bring some form of food. I will be bringing a slowcooker of chilli.  

The last event was hosted by Rudy & Sue, they did a great job of making sure the stories had some truth.

Who should attend, anyone who has ridden with us over the last couple of years and is willing to listen to our tales.

and yea I am going to be faster this year…. 

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9 thoughts on “2009 coming out (of our garage) pot luck

  1. I missed the Pete on Sunday night, therefore not picking up the medals from the Latke 200. But he said he is using March 14th get together as a good reason to attend and hand out the medals.

  2. Hey! This’ll be my first MIT potluck! Do we have to coordinate what we’re bringing or if everyone shows up with 10 of the same thing, its all good? I’m assuming we’ll get directions to Jim and Rita’s? (for those of us not in the know?).

  3. …okay, just read the message again and see that directions will be posted…sorry! I wasn’t listening…

  4. Rita and I will also coordinate the food part. Around March 7, I’ll post something on this website as well as an e-mail to the riders@mitcycling.com, so that each person can volunteer to bring different items—Jac has already volunteered the chili, and we’ll take it from there.

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