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MCC Recycle: Journey For Justice 2014

Greetings MIT,

Next week I will be riding in the MCC Manitoba Thrift Shop Recycle: Journey For Justice. This week long ride (Aug 25 to Aug 30) will start in Brandon on Monday and finish in Riverton on Saturday. I will be riding about 100KM per day and visiting every MCC Thrift Shop in Manitoba. The ride’s purpose is to promote the thrift shop network and to raise funds for MCC’s Restorative Justice program (Initiatives For Just Communities). All of the stores will be donating their net sales for the day and we have a foundation sponsor to match the first $25,000 raised, plus individual donations. Last year we raised a total of $55,000 and I think we might even beat that this year.

YOU are invited to ride with me (the ride schedule and donation instructions can be found here).

Last year Pete rode with me on the final day from Winnipeg to Riverton. It was a nice ride through the interlake and along the lakeshore from Winnipeg Beach to Gimli and on up to Riverton (about 135 KM). Please let me know if you want to join for any part of the ride – it would be great to have the company (and the draft!). I will see if I can arrange transportation home for you. There is a short 30 minute celebration at each thrift shop where I give a speech and other staff tell some program impact stories. Lots of fun!

Justice denied or dem’s da rules?


Can’t help but feel that a circumstance like Jack Bauer’s loss of stage 15 should have some kind of rule that would be more just. Really the peloton should have to be held to more strategic riding than just throttling someone who has worked 30% harder than all of them for 5 hours in the last 8 seconds. The peloton had poor judgment and it should never have been so close. There should be a rule that if you lead the stage for 90% of the distance the peloton cannot defeat with you less than a 100 meter (or whatever is fair) sprint. That would really change the dynamics of the sprint finish…you couldn’t just suck a wheel for 5 hours and then blow by the real winner of the stage. Am I right?

Sweet new man (bike) cave


The km stats look pretty dismal so far this season but the new garage is looking good. That harness comes from my Great Grandfather’s estate sale a number of years ago. In the future I’d like to add a wood stove, go to a one car family and then use the space to tinker on my bikes and rebuild dump bikes (maybe volunteer in the W.R.E.N.C.H program – they gave away hundreds of rebuilt dump bikes last year). Join me for a ride sometime and we can chill in the cave with a cool one afterwards :).

How about that stage 9 TDF ride by Tony Martin today? Such power – incredible!